There are 10 Kinds of People in This World, Those that Understand Binary, and Those that Don't

February 13, 2006

So I guess it's Valentine's day again. Usually I'm really sad and depressed and mopey about it because once again I am alone.

But not this year my friends. Oh no, not this year. This year I just don't care. I feel like I'm too numb to care about this or anything else that's just so irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I can buy myself flowers thanks. And I can buy a stuffed animal. What I can't buy is a diamond, I just don't have the money for that right now. Plus I'd rather have a house. In anycase, My Special Valentine is my puppy Coco. And I couldn't ask for a better Valentine as she is precious and cute and wonderful and we played the tongue catching game earlier, that's when she tries to lick my hand and I catch her tongue with my finger and then we do this for like 15 minutes until she loses intrest. Yeah. That's wayyyy better than having a boyfriend and diamonds and a house. Shazaaa.

Plus, things could be worse. Like maybe chocolate pudding becomes illegal and I get arrested for selling chocolate pudding on the black market and I'm sentanced to death. That would be worse than this. Or if they cancelled Survivor, that would be worse. Or if my toe turned black and fell off, yup, definately worse.

So all in all, things are looking A-OK


Captain Rocket said...

Fuck Valentine's day. Actually, Llisa has renamed it Valentimes Day, which means way less and is way more enjoyable.

At least you have a dog...I have a gay dentist roommate.

Captain Rocket said...

PS - Excellent car-tune.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Hurray for binary jokes! I only know one: 101100101101110002 hahaha

Valentines Day is the stupidest day of the year and I suck at it. Proudly.

uglybutterfly said...

It's Cheap Chocolate Day!
And as far as I know, chocolate pudding isn't illegal. Double Yayy!
i hate being single.

Happy Valentimes Day. Give your dog a hug for me.

Jermey said...

Single, is OK.

Good joke, cartoon hilarious. Hopefully the cartoon doesn't start any riots.

Kellee said...

I love that - Hallmark should buy the rights from you!

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