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February 4, 2006

I'm lonely tonight. Sometimes I just feel like that, no matter how much social interaction I've had. I'm just lonely. And judging from this picture, I need to book an eyebrow appointment. That's right, I have a unibrow. It's not my fault I swear, it's those Italian genes. Same as the nose. Damn Italian-ness. Ok, you can't actually see the unibrow in the pic. But I swear it will come. Soon, maybe a week and it will be back. This post is awesome. For Christmas I had matching t-shirts made for me and my brother. I know, I'm lame and all that because seriously who does that? Well me for one I suppose. Anyway, I've been meaning to post a pic of the shirt, but when I take a pic of the whole shirt you can't read what it says, so I'm just going to post the saying.

And you're right, I'm a genius, except I read it somewhere, well I think I read it, I was in the back of the room and I read a number of shirts incorrectly, so in theory it could be totally original. Anyway, here's the pic.
Fuck that's hilarious. I can't take it. I feel like a genius when i wear the shirt.


uglybutterfly said...

I hope you are feeling less lonely today.

And unibrows are universal. Almost.

Captain Rocket said...

Hey, I'll just burst your bubble and say that my Psych 104 prof also had that shirt. It is still genius, however.

uglybutterfly said...

Cripes Chad. Was that really necessary?
Bubble bursters. Ugh.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Best shirt.
I'll bet the Pork Council is pissed off.
Your unibrow definitely looks like a duo-brow.

Stephanie said...

Chad - ok cause that's the guy I read the shirt off of. cause we had the same proff! BAM!

Stephanie said...

CHAD - your blog is blocking me from viewing it. Are you trying to tell me something? *lol*

Internet_Strangler said...

Hey, really cool site ;)

Captain Rocket said...

It has a mind of its own.


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