I wasted Reading week, and I kinda regret it

February 25, 2006

So here it is. The end of reading week, pages read: none, assignments done: none. Yup, sounds about right.

I went to work yesterday, my shift is 5pm to midnight. The phone in my booth rings: "stephanie will you stay all night until 6am? the head cashier is sick so can you fill in?"

Somehow I agreed to this. Turns out I had to train 2 new employees on the busiest night of the week. Lovely. 13.5 hour shift, 15minute break. That's it. 15 minutes. It was hell on earth I tell you.

Today I got a phone call, "Stephanie will you come and be head cash again tonight?"
Uhhh no I have plans tomorrow thanks.
"Oh OK will you come tomorrow night?" No. "How about during the day tomorrow?" Didn't I just say that I have plans tomorrow? "oh yeah"

Then I got in a fight with the day head cash. She's new and feels like she's my superior somehow. I put her in her place real quick. Then she gossiped about how all the cashiers don't respect her blah blah blah. I just looked at her "funny, I don't have that problem at all"

Then my boss is like "Stephanie, will you come back full time during the summer? I'll fire someone if I have to to make sure you get full time"

Uhhhh maybe.

Tomorrow is the fish auction. I'm being a fish geek tonight and moving things around. I was supposed to sell all the babies, but my mom is emotionally attached to them so I have to set up a new tank so that she can keep a few of them. Parents, crazy crazy parents.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Awwww, I love the South Park you!

Stephanie said...

thank you!

Corinne said...

I think your mom is cool! Lol Anyways, how come you dont love me enough to put me on your contact list. You've been on mine since it's creation >?

Corinne said...


brea said...

Can I link ya!? :)

Corinne said...

If you were talking to me, then YES! :-)

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