Her Hitler Hairdo is Making Me Feel ill

July 9, 2005

I'm the lamest girl in lametown. It's Friday night - I spent it at home doing nothing. Oh, I watched Legally Blonde and Anchorman. That was all. I was supposed to clean my room today, but I was to tired and it was to hot and now the fishtank has algae on it and there are plants floating around cause the stupid fish keep uprooting them.

Sharon from work woke me up this morning. She called to yell at me because the coupon sheets I've been working on aren't done and what is that status of them?
Umm Sharon, I'm on fucking vacation, and the fucking coupons have been in the booths for the past 3 weeks and were approved by super airport management way before then, so don't fucking call back ever again.

That woman astounds me. Oh well, I know something she doesn't know. This other co-worker who just got fired, but who lives with her is sleeping with her son. Hahahaha how do you like those apples?

I'm tired and cranky and things from the past keep popping up and I don't know how to feel about it. Happy in one hand, disturbed and pissed off on the other.

I think I'm going to go for a bikeride tomorrow. I hope I don't break the fucking thing. *lol* That would be embarassing. Maybe I'll go to Spalady. Hmmm I wonder what their hours are. I remember showing up there at 2:45pm once and they were like "we're closing" and then I forgot my runners there and I was sad.

Good thing I'm on vacation or I'd probably snap.


Captain Rocket said...

Call Sharon back when she's asleep. (Remember to *67 first.)

Stephanie said...

*lol* brilliant idea

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