You Will Come Back Within Yourself

July 26, 2005

Ok so I'm totally back from vacation now. No more leaving you all hanging like that for a while, probably until finals this winter, but we'll see.

I'm really pissed off because my stupid camera is refusing to load pictures onto my computer, and now I can't upload my camping pics. Hmmm, I'm gonna freak out at the guy who sold it to me because I'm stupid and useless.

Today my boss was leaving work for his lunch break and then he phoned me on his cell phone because there was a long line of cars only going to the one booth that was open and he's like "Stephanie you might want to open because it's busy out here" and I'm like "uh yeah! My computer just broke down, I was open and now my machiene doesn't work so not my fault.. I'm in the process of moving to another booth"

Umm people are dumb. and then I was upset because I got that complaint about me not being open enough but I'm like fucking always open, god damned fucking workplace. Assholes work there. Fuck. You can never do enough. They want your booth open, but you have to make all the coupon sheets while doing customers and then you have to do all the paperwork and all the other shit. Fuck not for what I'm getting paid.

Bad mood Stephanie is on the prowl.


Gina said...

I hate stupid people at work. My boss is really really stupid. As you know. I really dont know how boss's think their employees are stupid. I dont understand why most boss's cant get their shit together. Especailly doing schedualing. I get more fusterated about schedualing then anything else. I just hope I will never be one of those stupid boss's.. Maybe what happens is that you loose your mind and sanity. I can see that happening to me the way work is going.

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