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July 6, 2005

Today is the first day in history that something good actually happened at work. My boss called me into his office to talk to me. Uh oh!

Anyway, he just wanted to tell me how impressed he was with the job I did on the weekend and how it was so refreshing not to be called every 10 minutes with a problem. He said I'm Exceptional - so haha Sharon you stupid cow, I'm exceptional and you're just a nonexceptional power in the head lady. Because I could fill shifts and you couldn't and I don't give a shit about month end crap and I don't care that you yelled at me about not doing it because I worked 18 hours and now I'm exceptional and you had to do month end so hahahaha.

But seriously folks, the power of being "team leader" has gone right to her head and now she thinks she's the queeen of the world or something and that she can yell at me all the time and I silently think HAHAHAHAHA because she is here in this stupid stupid job for the rest of her life and to me it's only a summer job so HAHAHAHA.

EDIT - I'm an uber-bitch


christy said...

uber bitches are awesome.

and you know this.

Captain Rocket said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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