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July 29, 2005

Matthew Good was more orgasmic than I even could have imagined last night.MattGood&Me
I've seen him live so many times, must be around 15 by now at least, and he never ceases to amaze me. The line up, fuck, he played all of my "hopefulls" (ie. songs I pick before the show that I really really hope he plays). What a set list. Ahhh orgasm heaven. I seriously love that guy. I'm fucking obsessed. Anyway, setlist is as follows:MattGood10

Near Fantastica
Hello Time Bomb
Alert Status Red
Put Out Your Lights
Poor Man's Grey
Oh Be Joyful
Load Me Up
Everything Is Automatic
Blue Skies Over Bad Lands
Encore: Giant, Advertising On Police Cars and ApparitionsMattGood9
Then he had an autograph session and I got my Blue Loser Anthems signed and got a pic with him. And I don't care that I didn't get any sleep for work because I spent the whole day in post-Matt Good Euphoria.


christy said...

stephanie, your blog never bores me! i've just been extra lazy about commenting.

if i don't see matt good live soon i might die. you've seen him 15 TIMES??!! christ. i curse whoever made me american. seriously.

Gina said...

That was the first time I saw him Live. Fuck he was awsome. I was so super impressed. Best concert I have ever seen and only for 8 dollars. I will for sure see him live everytime he comes to town. Better watch out. I might become obessed

Captain Rocket said...

It was a wicked show, indeed. I have the audio of it but I haven't listened to it yet.

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