For a Minute There I Lost Myself

July 4, 2005

And here I am again, a liar as always. And only my second week in. Well, Stephanie's Super Secret Sunday was postponed until today, as I had to work 18 hours yesterday, and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind.
Work was dumb and was a total disaster for the first little while and then the next little while was OK because I was driving the work truck #67 and rocking to CKUA and was wearing my killer sunglasses and it was the shit.
And I'm not one to use that term lightly. Anyway, Friday morning I managed to break 3 out of 4 gates into the parkade and people were honking and yelling and I was yelling back saying I was doing the best I could and they could park in fucking hourly parkade so fuck off daily is closed assholes. Then I fixed 2 out of those 3 gates, so then I went off on my mission to fix Pay on Foot inside the airport, and I fixed the one that was broken and broke the one I was just checking.Chick4
Then on Sunday morning I found out our stupid night Head Cashier had gone to emergency because she had what turned out to be a stomache cramp, and we were shit out of luck. I phoned her to see if she was comming in that night and couldn't get a hold of her, so I made a back up plan, had someone comming in in her place. Got a hold of her at 2pm she said she was comming in, canceled the backup plan. 4pm rolls around, she phones, her ride didn't show up, she's not comming in. Day head cashier Sally, who had been there since 4am, stayed until Midnight. I went home at 6pm and took a nap, then came back at midnight to stay until 6am. Chick3
18 fucking hours, no thank you. Bullshit. I go to leave, its 6:15am, I'm excited to be going home finally to curl up in bed and sleep. I've locked my keys in the car. I have to wait for AMA. I get home at 7:30am, I slept until 2:30pm. I only got up because I thought I should go watch soap operas, and not sleep all day long. But was still very exhausted. I got a couch today, and a chair and some end tables, I love free stuff.
Then I went out with Gina and we had fun. But the lady at Big Al's Fishies pissed us off, and we didn't get anything or any help.
OK so I suppose it's time to get to it:

Stephanie's Super Secret #2:

All these celebrities are all mad crazy about 1000 thread count sheets, and I don't know what that means. But in all honnesty, the best sheets I've ever slept on, and there have been a couple different kinds (silk for example) are the ones on my bed. And they have Care Bears on them. The Care Bears play in their Care Cars and there are rainbows and clouds and everytime you put your legs under the covers you feel like you're slipping into extacy.

I took the pics on my camera off my computer screen from a program at this site.


Gina said...

That site reminds me of plinko. *LOL* way to go now im probably going to have Plinko dreams again. Remember that dream where I was toboganing down a plinko thing. *LOL* Cool. Anyways. Carebears Rock.

christy said...

the higher the thread count, the softer the sheets are, and that seems like nothing to us normal people that sleep on carebear sheets (my favorites were my smurf sheets, which i had from childhood until i was like 16, holes in them and everything, i won't lie) BUT my best friend had some sheets that were like 300 thread count or something and they were so fucking soft i seriously contemplated stealing them from her. it sounds freaky but she used to live with me and when she was gone, sometimes i slept in her bed because her sheets were so much better than mine.
so i can't even imagine what a higher threadcount would feel like.

Stephanie said...

OK, kind of freaky, but in a completely understandable kind of way

christy said...


maybe i should have kept that little recollection to myself...

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