The Best Part of a Toga is the Breeze

July 10, 2005

I'm seriously starting to question just what kind of a vacation this is as I was awoken this morning by another phone call from work. sky
The other girl on my rotation wants to trade some shifts after I get back, fine, awesome, let me sleep you crazy people.

Boring day, washed my doggie, went for supper at my Baba's house, everyone is scared that me and my brother will starve now that my parents have left town, so hence the supper at Baba's house.

Now I'm home, not doing anything. My brother is watching some stupid movie so no thanks on that one. I think I'll do my nails, I'm so vain. And also I'm pretty sleepy so it might not be a good idea. But I did rent a bunch of chick flicks, so maybe it is. Hmmm.

This is a picture of a two rainbows that were outside yesterday, because it was lightly raining and it was really warm and beautiful all at the same time, and I thought it would be fun to take a picture of them, although I worried about the water on my camera, but everything turned out OK!

Time for Stephanie's Super Secret Sunday!

Stephanie's Super Secret #3:When I know I'm going to be alone for the evening, I rent a bunch of teeny-bopper chick flicks and watch them all night long. Because secretly, I love teenmovies a whole fucking lot.


Captain Rocket said...

Your work must miss you. Don't you feel loved?

Also, everyone has a guilty pleasure. I love terrible movies, like 'Death Race 2000' and 'Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter'

adrienne said...

i super love that picture of the clouds.

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