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September 15, 2005

Finally, Survivor is back! Ahhhh the world it right again. How happy am I that they brought Stephenie back? So happy! I'm totally rooting for her, tough chick.

Hmmm also, well, there is no also really. I was just saying that.

I'm lame.

I have to work tomorrow. That's even lamer than me.

Top 5 Things that are Lame Right Now:
5) my feet are cold
4) so is my nose
3) i'm sleepy
2) i'm lame
1) working tomorrow is lame

I should compile lists more often. Many hours of thought into that list right there.

Back to the also, totally lame guest speaker today.. he talked like Chip from Napoleon Dynamite. He has a PhD, he couldn't operate the button machiene to click between slides in PowerPoint. I can see all that education was wasted on him. I drew a picture of him during the lecture. Stompy cartoon will soon follow this post. Like maybe tomorrow or so.


christy said...

i was just thinking about how lame it is that i have to work tomorrow, too

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