Ugh Arg

September 4, 2005

Today I watched tennis, 4 hours of it actually. I've never watched tennis before, it was pretty good. Definatly something I would watch again.Radium15
The one thing I don't like about it is how they scream/moan when they're hitting the ball. Kind of drives me crazy.

Anyway, I had to blog about something because the picture of the spider was creeping me out and I had nightmares about it and refused to sleep in my room and slept on the couch instead.

Tonight I feel sad because tomorrow is my last day of fulltime work and even though I hate my job more than anything, I'm sad to be leaving. And even though that is sooooo stupid I'm still sad.


christy said...

tennis is fun, but i really suck at it.

also you are kinda insane for not sleeping in your room cuz of a silly spider that was on the OUTSIDE of your window.


Stephanie said...

yeah but there's a hole in my screen so i was just scared it would come inside *even though it was dead - there could be more!*

christy said...


you are such a crackhead
i love it

Gina said...

Ok, You can blog any day now u know. *LOL* Gina needs something else to do besides homework.

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