Heart Attack a Thousand Times Over

September 4, 2005

So I was walking around my room trying to comfort my doggie because of the thunderstorm that was going on when I discovered the most horrifing thing in history: spidersteatoda
A Spider. It looked just like this photo and it was on the outside of my window and I freaked out and started screaming and went out in the pouring rain and hosed it off my window.

Later I came back to my room and the little fucker was back, so I called in backup, my Dad and he killed it and I felt a lot better and I'm going to have nightmares tonight.


Anonymous said...

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Captain Rocket said...

So that's why it is still raining...

christy said...

that looks like a black widow, kinda, but it isn't.

you should have left it there, it wouldn't hurt you.


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