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September 27, 2005

So today I met Chad. And it was weird. Not weird because you aren't awesome Chad, but because you totally took me by surprise.

He asked me if I thought it was weird that we both ended up in the same class. And my answer is no, I totally don't. What I find weird is how out of the millions of people on the internet, and out of two who people actually read my blog, that one of them is in the Faculty of Ed at the same school as me. So after all that, I totally don't find it weird that we're in the same class.

So then I felt dumb because I was acting crazy because I was feeling a little guilty over not saying Hi to him even though I kind of recognized him, but I wasn't totally sure it was him. So I brought up the only thing I could think of which was the stupid class we had.

Which, by the way, was ruined by these two people sitting behind me who talked at full volume through the whole lecture. I hate people like that, just be quiet already. If I don't want to pay attention and go to sleep that's my problem, but you talking and making me not able to hear the prof just pisses me off because I can't decide for myself to tune him out. If they sit there next time I'm going to freak out at them.

Anyway, I'm having a lovely day because I only have one class and I just finished my psych assignment, do a web search *lol* and now I can go home. The stupid U of A website won't load on the computer at home so that's why I'm doing it here.

Waiting for text message from Corinne to let me know which Matt Good show she wants to go to. I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to both, I would love to, but my bank account is hurting right now, decisions decisions.

This was a lame post.

Things that are lame right now:
4-the chick at the next computer keeps looking at my comp to see what i'm doing
3-not having a ticket to Matt Good
2-i lost my pin that says "ms. bitter" and had a cartoon on it like those books from when you're a kid and the series is "" and they're all kinds of things like the one guy with really long arms "mr. tickle" so anyway i lost my pin
1-i have to go read metaphysics and i'd rather poke out my eyes with my lost ms. bitter pin, which i lost yesterday after metaphysics on the way to the bus so boooooo to metaphysics

Lists are wicked

EDIT: Chad you can come sit with us in EDU if you want.. but let me know so I can save you a seat. But like no pressure, if you don't want to thats cool


Anonymous said...

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Captain Rocket said...

Hey, I might as well, as I don't know anyone else there. However, don't feel obligated to have me sit with you or anything. What a strange funny. And whatever, I DO find it weird that we are in the same class.

christy said...

when you say your posts that are very funny and great to read are lame, i want to smack you around a bit. but in a loving way. i swear.

i want a ms bitter pin. :(

Stephanie said...

ok i won't claim lame post ever again! but i am for sure making lame lists all the time because they are awesome fun.

i don't feel obligated to invite you chad :)

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