Metaphysics? More like MetaFuckingRetardsOrgasmParty

September 29, 2005

Yeah you heard me Meta Fucking Retards Orgasm Party.

I am honnestly trying my best to be openminded. That's why I took this class in the first place. I thought hey, a new way of thinking, something other than science, things not based only on fact. I was wrong. This was a bad idea. A rage inducing idea. Honnestly, I just keep looking at my prof and having to bite my lip to keep from laughing at him.

On Monday we were debating language. For example, realists say that "john is bald". Nominalists don't believe that John exists so nominalists argue that john is not bald, but can't say that john isn't bald because that in fact acknowledges that john exists and nominalists argue that john doesn't exist. OK, fine.

So how do they get around this conundrum you might ask? Well, it's so clear its like mud. They say that John is John-ized. You might be thinking, "hey, that isn't a real word" and you would be right!

Next point, John-ized means to be John. Ok, so we're just making up words in case you didn't notice.

So now, there is something, X, which is both john-ized and bald.MsBitter
And therefore the sentace is true and untrue both at the same time. Hurrah!

Last week, a white dove and a while flag are the same thing because they are both white. Alright, so how many of you are sitting around in a circle holding hands singing kumbaya and debating what white means? Who is paying these people to talk about this stuff? It's all these arts students bashing science students who just "can't figure out how to read the textbook". Actually, its not a textbook, its a bunch of articles by people who are crazy. And it looks like they maxed out their thesaurus usage because instead of saying something rationally, its just a lot of huge words strung together in no particular order.

On the plus side. Today I was able to find a replacement pin. Ahhhhh the world is right again.

Yeah Metaphysics, she's giving you the finger.


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Stephanie said...

fuck star limousine

Captain Rocket said...

you know you can delete those ads?

Stop thinking like a normal person and metaphysics will ... still not make sense, I'm sorry.

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