Hey Hiro, Screw You!

September 21, 2005

On Monday the most unusual thing in the world happened. Angela and I walked out of our physics lab.

That's right folks, we just walked out. That's not the kind of thing that people do, but we did it. And I'm so fucking proud to be me right now.

After recieving 25% on our previous physics lab, Angela went into the hallway to call the Faculty of Education to see how we could change out minors and leave physics forever. So after a little bit of debate over what we should do, and an hour of working on the lab. We packed up our bags and left the lab. I'm just going to assume our TA, Hiro, was freaking out beyond belief. Mwahaha.

But seriously, Boooo to the Department of Physics for such a poorly run lab and such a confusing lecture. Boo to you physics. There was no lab direction, none. We showed up the first day and Hiro was like, get used to my accent and start your labs now. So we all worked with our partners with no help or direction from him at all. Then this week he's all, you guys are really independent and I like that, unfortunately the lab average is 50%. So most of you are doing everything wrong. Wooo! Then one chick is like "umm what's the average in the other labs?" Hiro claimed not to know, but we all know that he did.

I've now enrolled in two new classes, and starting both of them a week late is such a bitch. I'm like 3 chapters behind in Psychology and I haven't been to Metaphysics yet, but I'm just going to assume from the size of the textbook that starting late might be a small problem.


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