I Hang My Head in Shame

January 24, 2006

Well it's a sad sad day here in Canada. I'm wearing black to mourn the loss of our social programs.

I'm not surprised by the result of the election, we all knew this was comming, but I was just holding onto the hope that it really wouldn't. And yet it did. Say hello to Mini-America, formerly known as Canada.

Goodbye abortion, goodbye gay marriage, goodbye public health care.

Hello Religion-crazed unfair and unjust policies, and a special hello to the War in Iraq.

Also, please read Rick Mercer's blog for insightful and colourful descriptions of the cabinet. I had a chuckle, and then a shudder. It's scary. link


Captain Rocket said...

I wouldn't worry so much yet.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Deep breath - it's a minority government. Bet there will be another election next year.

Stephanie said...

true, i am being quite melodramatic. I just can't believe we voted the conservatives into power.

Captain Rocket said...

It's because you didn't vote hard enough, Stephanie.

Stephanie said...

oh man, so not true. I vote up there with the best of them.

Gina said...

At least its a minority and not a majority!!!!!

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