New Fishies in my Fishy Factory

January 15, 2006

I got new fishies today. Albino Eureka Red male and female.
The male is in the middle of this photo, Bicolour top left, Bumblebee bottom right.
Male in middle, female (whose just white) top rightish.
Male in middle, female top left. Bicolour and Tawiaan Reef bottom left.
OK, Firefin right at the front, Albino Eureka Male right on top, and then Yellow Guy (don't know what he is) kind of behind him.


Gina said...

Nice picts steph.. Its hard to take picts of albinos.. good job..

All the pictures are sweet ass

The yellow guy is an A. Maleri

Stephanie said...

Ohhhh OK. You should have told me that when you gave him to me!

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