Hey Guys, It's Sunday

January 22, 2006

Ok so today is Sunday, which means that basically I did nothing this weekend except a very small amount of reading and am now like a zillion days and chapters behind and the panic is starting to set in a little bit as I have to present a topic for a paper tomorrow and I still don't have any super great ideas.

So if you happen to read this blog tonight, please please please leave a comment on what you would write about. Here's the topic: anything to do with any drug or substance of abuse.

That is it. But I'm not having any Einsteinian flashes illuminating my brain.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Well alcohol and such are pretty much overdone and boring. How about those hallucinogenic frogs that people lick? That might be fun?

christy said...

psychedelic drugs in general are fucking awesome. i mean...
well, yeah, ok, they are.
what if you wrote about 'regular' plants with psychoactive properties? like morning glory seeds or the san pedro cactus or stuff like belladonna or datura? go here and read a bit about them, or something. some of that shit is really interesting.

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