January 21, 2006

Tonight I feel like posting my favorite thing that someone said to me today.

It comes from a co-worker of mine.

Coworker: Stephanie, you lost so much weight last summer, you sure gained it back!


Barbara Bruederlin said...

WTF - what kind of thing is that to say to someone? More of you to love, my dear, more of you to love.

uglybutterfly said...

Thats horrible!
Want me to beat them up for you? I totally would. I'm a pirate and I have minions.
We'll take them out for you Stepahnie!

meghanhuron5793 said...

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christy said...

holy shit

i would fucking slap a bitch, did you slap her?

adrienne said...

that's just as awesome as when my godmother saw me for the first time since i had been away at university: 'wow, you sure have gained a lot of weight!'

Stephanie said...

I know eh Christy? I totally should have slapped her. But I didn't. I restrained myself and was polite and kind of smiled and gave the evil eye all at one time.

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