I'm Depressed - even though my boobs look good

January 6, 2006

Today Raymi, one of my favorite bloggers, made some crazy pillow thing and I thought it was awesome so I'm posting it here and linking to her site because I'm amazed at how amazing she is all the time.RaymiPillow
I'm listening to David Bowie right now. I gave the cd to my dad for his birthday, but actually it turned out he had all the songs on different cds, so i kept it and gave him the money instead. I told Gina she should listen to some Bowie and that he's really good looking for an older gentleman and she laughed at me but it's totally true.Bowie
I mean seriously, yummy.

Today I spent the day fighting once again with the Faculty of Education. Seems they are unaware of proper counting technique and made the wrong program sheet for me, and insisted for a good 15 minutes that I need more chemistry courses to meet the requirements. I then proceeded to count out the chemistry courses I have taken on my fingers and show them that I do infact have all the chem I could ever possibly need. Ugh. I hate this faculty. It never ends.

It was my dad's birthday today, and also Katie's birthday. Yeah cake. Good day. Not really. Completely depressed. Feeling alittle better now though.

Came to the conclusion that even if I am single for the rest of forever, it has benefits. Like, I can always watch whatever I want on tv, or listen to whatever I want on the radio. And most importantly, I can buy as many pairs of shoes as I want.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

David Bowie has successfully reversed the aging process.

Captain Rocket said...

I'd do him.

uglybutterfly said...

shoes bring more happiness than men anyway. I recently discovered that.

Buy some shoes to compliment your nice boobs and the world will be yours Stephanie. The world will be yours.

Stephanie said...

Yes, global domination through matching shoes and handbags. And maybe a scarf now and then.

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