June 3, 2006

No matter how hard I try I just can't go to bed before 11pm and I'm actually starting to lose my mind and talk weird, in non-english speak, and I'm a grammar freak so it's crazy.

My Baba is not impressed with my stick driving skills, but she has informed me that it is only because I am a girl and girl's should not be driving sticks to begin with, so it's not personal. Hmmm.

I have agreed to an extra shift at work, helping my boss interview people or something insane like that. I'll probably just end up organizing paperwork for 4 hours before I get fed up and leave. Mainly I'm taking it just to see the look on the girls face who spends all her time brownnosing to him and still he asked me. HAHA

Song - Running for Home - Matthew Good Band


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