pink bunny suit

June 18, 2006

i dreamt i was a butterfly last night. i flew around all over the place and i was the most brilliant shade of blue, and i had black in my wings as well.

and i was flying and there was a wonderful breeze and i could soar high and i didn't have to flap my wings because of the wind current. it was brilliant.

then i had to work today and it wasn't as bad as yesterday, but it was hectic. although we made this balloon caricature of one of the employees and it was funny, we cut apart the mop to glue hair on and i drew the face and we taped pennies on for earring. then we hung it from the ceiling. good times.

i spent the weekend making this kickass coffee fund form in excel and it automatically does everything you could ever want it to do because i made a thousand formulas for it and then i made an awesome memo on how to use it with print screens and everything and it was labelled, the pictures i mean. oh man. best memo ever.


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