And So It Is

June 11, 2006

I am currently located on 25 Peeps.

So what ended up happening at Baba's was that her TV was too old for the DVD player and so we ended up watching Legend's of the Fall, on the education network, and uhhh yummy Brad Pitt.

I had never seen it and it was good although I was kind of bored, but then long haired Brad Pitt came in and it was all ok again.

Barbara - no, baba would not like fight club, not even a little bit. She is into movie's that are rated less than PG-13. So we rented Cheaper by the Dozen 2, and watched it at my house, and she ended up loving it like I knew that she would. Actually over Christmas she made us turn of Mystery Alaska, because it was too racy with those 2 teenagers making out in the snow plow. Yeah, we had to turn off a Disney movie.

Song - Empty Road - Matthew Good


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