Bonjour Honda Civic Si

June 1, 2006

yes here it is, i am finally blogging about my car because as we all know, it is of the utmost importance
Today at Zellers I bought this awesome kleenex thing because I've envied Angela's Keleenx thing for a very long time so I called her to find out where she got it

Ok I have to get up at 430am
so here are some pix of the car with no explanation so it's obvsious what they are so just figure it out for yourself ok? ok!

It's a 1998 Honda Civic Si, and both my brother and I ended up with the exact same car, same year and everything which is INSANE@

ok sleep now

EDIT - today I was thinking "what's better than a new car? well a new car the smells like coconut, so I bought an air freshener when I filled up with gas, and then i left it at the fucking till and i'm such a dumbass."

oh well fuck the freshener, the car can smell like my perfume and cleaner stuff

SONG- Delicate - Damien Rice


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