June 28, 2006

Today a miracle happened, my order from Amazon came and in it was my new copy of my most favorite childhook movie, The Chipmunk Adventure.

I of course ripped it open and popped it in the dvd post haste. And let me tell you, it was exactly like I remember and I haven't seen it in a good 15 years or so. But I had seen it approximately a zillion times before then, as I would make my mom rent it every other day. Why they didn't purchase it, I just don't know.

Anyway, I sang along to the songs and shed some tears in the mushy part that I always loved (there are penguins awwww) and I totally felt the need to blog about this movie because I just love it so much.

It's only an hour and 16 minutes long, which surprised me because it always seemed much longer as a kid. But I guess every perception changes from when you're a kid to an "adult".

Yesterday I did my hair and makeup before work, today I did not.
Les said "yesterday you looked beautiful, what happened today?"

Sharon said "What happened to your hair?"

Susanne said "she only dresses up for her boyfriend that goes through her booth" (which is false by the way)

Dee said "she dresses up for the hot armored car guy" (which does have a hint of truth to it - but also I slept in this morning)

Guess I better not look horrifying on Friday or everyone will freak out.

Song - Prime Time Deliverance - Matthew Good Band


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