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June 30, 2005

Every once in a while I pop Radiohead into my stereo, which now is a stupid old thing from like the 90's because my dumb ass stereo refuses to read CDs, and I'm amazed.
It's the kind of amazement that can only come from rediscovering music that you loved and have kind of put aside. In any case, I can't stop singing Paranoid Android, OK Computer is blasting from all of the cells in my body.

I am also amazed by black eyeliner. I've just gone through a 2 year phase of hating everything about myself, and am please to report that I still love makeup. I love music at top volume and dancing around with a mascara brush in my hand not trying to poke out my eye because my head keeps bobbing around like crazy.

Anyway, I'm please to announce that I have started "giving a shit about myself" once again and will no longer waste away in endless sweatshirts and jeans and tshirts that make me feel safe. Spalady here I come, except days I'm working of course, 12 hours of work AND Spalady would just be cruel.



christy said...

when i listen to david bowie i feel like putting on glitter eyeliner and white lipstick and platform shoes and dancing on tables.

but i don't...

Stephanie said...

Interesting, when I hear Bowie's Space Odessey I feel like walking around my room like I'm at no gravity, but I refrain myself

Gina said...

I love these pictures on here. They rock!!!!!!!!!. I wish I had the money to buy an all new wordrobe and awsome makeup.

When I am making the big bucks. sweatpants and comfy clothes will be forign in my house.

christy said...

self restraint is so hard


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