It's Always What I Wanted...

August 1, 2005

I got my blue Loser Anthems signed at the concert, I'm really happy with it. He spelled my name right and them I bumped my head into his.

Today was really boring. I only left the house to go and buy some alcohol. Probably that's a bad sign. I don't care. The alcohol was for my Baba.

She came over so we could celebrate my Mom's birthday, which is actually tomorrow. Anyway, she went to Heritage Day's a few days ago and brought us all presents. My brother got a crazy dragon necklace, I'm not sure why. My mom got this earring and necklace set, Baba says she got it from gypsies. I got a relatively normal necklace, and my dad got a keychain of wooden Dutch shoes, which I immediately stole. Her heart was in the right place.

My back is really itchy from the sunburn I got on the camping trip. I keep sticking things in my shirt, like scissors or a nail file so that I can reach and scratch it. People at work look at me weird and I freak out and yell that my back it itchy so screw off.

I'm actually going to talk to the super hot armored car guy on Wednesday. Nearly everyone at work is trying to set me up with someone. It's actually more annoying than flattering. It's only flattering in the sense that the people trying to set me up think I'm OK looking enough to set me up with someone they know.


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