There's a Spaceman in my Basement

August 24, 2005

Today I got in a fight with my brother. I hate fighting with him.. not just because he's a completely arrogant little asshole, but because I'm scared that when we're older and have our own lives that we won't talk to each other and that makes me sad.Spaceman

Tomorrow at work, this woman who used to be my manager, use that term lightly because she wasn't actually my boss, is getting fired. Ahahahahahah. That's sweet. She used to yell at me until she was blue in the face, and now she's getting fired because she's incompetant and treats the boss like shit and turns her back on him and refuses to acknowledge him and she thinks she's better than me because her husband is a pharmacist and she wears "bling bling" from the home shopping channel and I like to laugh at her a lot.

Man do I ever feel like chocolate. It started innocently enough with one M&M, but fuck, now I feel like I could eat my weight in chocolate, That's a Fucking LOT!

But no chocolate in the house, too late to go and get some and not seem totally crazy and also have my mom ask a hundred zillion questions about where I went and such.

I have a scab on my tummy, I keep picking it. It's going to scar, and when I'm finally skinny I'm going to point out the scar so people don't notice my stretch marks. I'm a fucking genius.


uglybutterfly said...

I stopped eating chocolate. It was controlling my life, I almost wanted to be hooked up to a chocolate IV but I'm scared of needles.

saturnine said...

thanks for the comment on my blog

christy said...

you are so funny, stephanie.

i hadn't eaten chocolate in like a week because i was "being good" but we have these reese's peanut butter pumpkins at work that were fucking staring at me for DAYS so finally i was like OK FUUUUCK I WILL EAT YOU, JEEESUS.
it was so good i want to drool just thinking about it.

Angela said...

If I were a rich girl I would NEVER buy bling bling from the Home Shopping Network. Totally classless. People like that deserve to get fired because they are just making the work environment ugly.

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