My Face is Peeling Off

August 31, 2005

The guy at the fish store that I thought was a total retard actually turned out to be relatively intelligent today because he knew what a wavelength was and also what the latin root of a fish name meant and why it was called that due to the wavelength. Fish7
Gina you know the guy, the one that got the daffodils for us. And when I went there today he looked cute in a "you're not as dumb as thought" kind of way and it was refreshing. I took pics of my fishies that don't do them justice because they won't come to the front of the tank and you can't see all the pretty little yellow streaks across their faces and they have blue eyes, bright blue that is. And also you can't see the iridescent fins that don't show up on the camera for some reason that I will find out because I want a nice picture. Crazy hosers.

Yesterday this crazy Moroccan guy that I've been talking to proposed to me and told me that even though I'm fat he would like to marry me. Yeah, top that girls, that's one for the romance history books. Crazy and mean all rolled into one absolutely fucking nuts marriage proposal.

Good day.


Gina said...

Yeah I know the guy your talking about. too cool. Its always nice when some people working at the LFS know what there talking about. So sad about your fishy.

I cant get a picture of my guy. Hes always at the back of the tank also. Nice picture by the way. Totally awsome!!!!!!!!

Marriage proposals are cool!!!!

adrienne said...

when i was in high school, my boyfriend wanted to wait until marriage to have sex, and i was all... i don't think so, i'm horny now... so his bright idea was to propose, i laughed, and then i dumped him.

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