The WonderDog

August 8, 2005

This doggies name is Snuppy, poor guy. This photo is taken from here.
Apparently the only thing worth doing these days is cloning dogs. Which is sad, I mean, there are already a lot of dogs out there. Seems like we should be cloning something worthwhile, like Chinchillas. Although I know nothing about the currently Chinchilla population.


Gina said...

What I think is sad about this is that they make it sound that cloned dogs are not dogs. We plan on doing animal testing on clone dogs. How sad is that. So its ok to clone a dog. Makes its life miserable because its not a real dog????

What is this world comming to

christy said...

cloning anything scares me

and i didn't know you posted at the bored, stephanie, you need to go there more, ok, yes, great.

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