Well it Makes My Mom Proud.. I will Bask in our Disaster if it'll Phase Us Out

August 23, 2005

So today at work we discussed creation vs. evolution. I was unaware that all of my coworkers are like die hard religious people and I'm the only one into evolution.GodDude
Basically they don't believe in the big bang. I argue that if God created the world, what did he make it out of? They didn't have an answer. Because if God made the earth out of preexisting molecules, then the molecules would definately have been able to react in big bang theory. You know, as proven in scientific experiments where conditions were recreated to see what would happen. Atoms came together, life formed. Hmmmmm, ok.

Next question: If God created everything, what the fuck were the dinosaurs about? Unless of course you don't believe dinosaurs existed, their bones are some big scam. *Note: not preaching, merely yelling in my defense as the only non-religionite in the room*

Anyway, what were the dinosaurs about? I don't fucking know and don't pretend to, so if Adam and Eve were the start of it all, were they camping out in a cave while the dinosaurs frolicked in the field below?

And don't fucking tell me I'm "on the fence". I'm not, it's all about evolution with me and that's all there is to it.

I'm not saying there is no God, I just don't really believe in him/her. Yeah I said HER. I'm more into the idea that people have something to believe in, and that's cool with me, I like the idea that maybe there is someone to protect us. But I'm not running my life based on crazy assumptions. Because you know what they say when you assume something: it makes an ASS of U and ME.



adrienne said...

i don't think i need to explain my stance... one of my fav parts of the whole 'god'/adam and eve thing is that the pain of childbirth is the punishment all women recieve for eve being so naughty in the garden of eden.

how brutal is that?

my soul is no more precious than that of the mosquito's i just slapped. i just happen to be a little more complex, on the cellular level that is.

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