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August 30, 2005

So today I cleaned my room and it was boring and I'm not done because I'm never done.

Anyway, I went to see the 40-year Old Virgin, and it was funny. Some parts were really funny, others not so much.

I was driving home and then all of a sudden my lights cut out and I couldn't see anything because it was all pitch black outside and I was just jamming to tunes and eating popcorn and minding my own business. Fucking car.

So then I pulled over and thought about all the crazy people who could come and try to kill me so I locked my door and called my dad who came to get me.

And he did and while he was driving my car home the lights came back on and everything was OK> also, my popcorn was really yummy.

So then I came home and told my brother and he laughed at me.


Captain Rocket said...

Problems with my car also seem to mysteriously disappear when my dad is drving it...

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