It's a Mad World

October 2, 2005

Busy busy weekend for me. Well, sort of. I got my hair cut on Thursday. I both like it and hate it simultaneously. Mainly because the chick was like, "its easy to style" and then when I tried to do it I looked like my head had exploded in stupidness. Anyway, Friday night, after an hour of trying to style the stupid hair, which ended up in a ponytail like always. So then we went to Gina's friends house and proceeded to get piss drunk out of our minds.

Then we went to the Stonehouse and had more drinks and then for some reason I decided I was hungry and left the bar, all by myself piss ass drunk. I walked for what seemed like a million years looking for the #6 bus stop but all I could find was #5. So then I got a little scared cause I was lost downtown and didn't know where the bar was.Steph42
So I managed to find a Tim Hortons and went inside and called my mom to tell her that I lost Gina and I'm lost downtown and I'm drunk and I can't find the bus stop so can someone please come and pick me up? So I waited at Tim Hortons and had a bagel. And then I called Gina's dad by accident and told him the whole story. THen my brother came and we went to McDonalds and had chicken nuggets.

The End


uglybutterfly said...

Good times to be had at the Stonehouse. My friends live on top of it

christy said...

i wish i could bring the girl home that cuts my hair because when i leave there i am in love with it and her and i dread washing it because i know i can never make it look that good again. and it's true, i can't. it does what it wants and doesn't mind me or the flatiron or the shampoo or anything and sometimes i just want to rip it out of my head one strand at a time.

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