March 25, 2006

Mom: You and your friends are like Trekkies

Me: What?

Mom: You and your friends are like Trekkies, except you're Davidies

Me: What?

Mom: You know, what's his name?

Me: Matthew Good!

Mom: Yeah same thing


In completely unrelated news: I got a new purse and a matching wallet.

Mom has actually come out and said that she fears I have a "bag" problem. Uhhh duh.

I'm bored. I have nothing to do and am putting off doing my anthro assignment because it is the epitome of stupid. If you are thinking that epitome is spelled incorrectly, then I agree with you. It looks silly. But that's what the dictionary says, yes I looked it up.

Ok I'm going to organize my CDs now.

EDIT/UPDATE: Mom now feels we should call ourselves "Goodies" which I think is just so cute.

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