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March 30, 2006

how good was LOST lastnight? like hello! best show eva!
with the poker (omg how hot is sawyer? like yummy), and the bad guy Henry, and the lockdown with that crazy map thing on the wall in the blacklight, and then Siad is all "it was just how you said it would be, and still i did not believe you - i dug up the grave, and there was no woman, it was a man" flash id of Henry Gale. uh oh fake Henry, they've found you out. trouble for you now!

flipping eh - the preview for next week is just as good.

i think i might die if season 2 doesn't come out on dvd like yesterday. ahhh lost, i'm so addicted.

oh oh oh, ifyou missed it, encore presentation on saturday. yup, i'm definately watching. because i didn't notice that siad's girlfriend is in the episode in a flashback with lock. damn how did i miss that? i dont know

ok enough about Lost

I went to Mac today, it was awesome fun. blew off class and went makeup shopping, yup i'm a productive student. very good student.

also, I did 2 research participation things today. Both were really quick, one was 7min the other 23min. waste of my time is what that sounds like to me.

i went back to that Mac computer room in the afternoon, after the Mac makeup shopping, hmmm this is confusing. anyway, I couldn't get the damn computer to turn on and so I left and felt kind of embarassed.

*note* my new thing is posting whatever song i'm listening to when i'm writing the post

Song- The Future is X-Rated; Matthew Good Band

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