Finally... Dr. Stephanie

March 20, 2006

Finally a good week.Coco5

If you are not viewing this blog with Mozilla Firefox than the sidebar has travelled down to the bottome of the page due to my awesome counter clock which will be removed on Friday.

Now about the good week. Prison Break is finally back tonight. I'm excited. That show is awesome. Also, a new episode of Lost on Wednesday.

And most importantly, Matt Good on Thursday> ayeiiiiiiii!

Cog Psych midterm on Friday was terrible, but as it turns out I got the exact same mark on this one as I did on the last one. So I guess it turned out alright in the end. Ho hum.

Coco has injured herself somehow and can't really go up and down stairs and also can't jump on the furniture. So anytime she wants to go anywhere you have to pick her up and carry her. And it's cute because when she wants to come on the couch she just sits there and stares at you and starts pawing at the couch.

He antiinflammitory medicine comes in a syringe that totally looks like a needle so I feel like a doctor when I give it to her.

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