Nose Talk

March 16, 2006

I had to go downtown today in order to visit the nose doctor. He was on the 6th floor of a really tall building. Good news, I don't have pollups like the doctor who referred me to this guy thought. Bad news, I have a deviated septum.

I don't know what either of those two things mean.

All I know is that I'm taking a new nose spray and if it doesn't work in a few months then I'm going for surgery.

This nose business is crazy.
First this chick who looked like she was 16 sprayed this crazy spray up my nose and she was like "haha it's kind of weird right?" Then she told me it's to numb the nose for when the doctor comes.

Then the doctor came and he stuck this huge ass like probably 9 inches long fibre optics thing up there and I could feel it moving around in my nose and on my throat. It was insane. He laughed at me because I was nervous of having that thing shoved up there. He told me I'd "survive". Clearly, he was very charming.

He also made fun of me because my classes don't start until 2pm. Like it makes me some kind of inferior student/person. Actually I skip my morning class because it's dumb.
He was all "I had to go to school from 6am to 10pm" and I was like "yeah, it was like that for my Bachelor of Science jerk"

Then, because I had been waiting for 10 minutes with nothing to read, I picked up a pamphlet for nose jobs. He was like, "whats that pamphlet you have? Oh that's not the surjury you're getting." "i was like duh, I know the difference thanks"
I just hate some doctors. And I kind of hated him. Which made me mad that he seemed to know what he was talking about.

Other than that it was a pretty lame day. I have a cog psych midterm tomorrow and I haven't really studied all that much. It's not until 2, so morning is cram time. Hardcore cram time.

I started using that nose spray. I'll keep you updated on the results. Because I know that you're all just dying to know about it.

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