It was that Guy in the Living Room with the Candle Stick, You know the guy I'm talking about

March 15, 2006

I've never played Clue, so I can't remember that guy's name from all the cliches I've heard over the years.

A few weeks ago there was a murder across the street from Baba's house. You guys probably heard about it. Two women, stab fight, 4 year old daughter wasn't home thankfully. All the shots on TV were taken from Baba's yard pretty much.

There was police tape all over the place and Baba said spacemen showed up and went in, that would be the forensics unit.

On an unrelated topic,
here are some pictures of my new bed.
I hated it the first night because it's so high and so big so I didn't know where to sleep and I couldn't find the light switch like I'm used to turning it on and off a thousand times to make sure there are no monsters/aliens in my room so it was scary. But now it's really comfy and I love it and you can roll all over the place and not worry about falling off. Not like in my other single bed. That was not fun. My feet were off the mattress in that one. Newsflash: I'm too tall for a single bed.

Here is a picture of Coco that I took one night when it had just snowed and I threw her in the snow with the intention of getting a super cute pic of her jumping through the snow and then she didn't sink in because she only weighs 14lbs. And it's still cute because nothing in the world is cuter than Coco, not even shoes.

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