Holy Moly Batman

March 25, 2006


Yes it is true, I am ticket #1, and seriously, that makes me deliriously happy for no rational reason what-so-ever. And here it is, the day after, that's what today shall be to me forever in my mind. The day after the best Matthew Good show I have ever been privledged to witness.
Everytime I see Matt I'm left breathless, and last night was no dissapointment. I've been anticipating an acoustic tour for as long as I can remember, kind of just hoping for it, never really thinking that it could happen.

First off, I have to say that I have never been more impressed by an opener than I was by Melissa McClelland. I am eager to rush out an purchase her CD, AND she was wearing pretty cute shoes that I could hear clicking on the stage from my front row center seat.
Matt was led on stage with a flashlight and it was humerous. And he started with Avalanche, which is in my top 3, so I was happy right off the bat.

The highlights: Fine Art of Falling Apart, Fated, Sort of a Protest Song, Indestructable, Can't Get Shot in the Back if You Don't Run, Truffle Pigs and Symbolistic White Walls. Oh what a show. I'm still grinning. 19 song setlist, oh Heaven.

Props to Sean, Chelsey and Guido Sanchez for making this a truely unforgettable night.

Also, I took like 65 photos, so check out flickr.



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