May 4, 2006

Ok so here's a real post and not just crazy question lists of stuff.

I haven't been posting because I've been so exhausted from working and there is just really no time it seems. Get up go to work come home take a shower go to sleep go back to work. Not fun.

Anyway, who watched Lost last night!? Holy fuck! The new episode did not dissapoint! It was going along nicely, Ana Lucia as Jack's Dad's driver/bodyguard was kinda weird, but when she drove him to that house and that lady was there - was that Claire's mom? Because I think it was. SO that means that Jack and Claire are half-siblings. Man I love this show.

Then Micheal - OMG! He fucking shot Ana Lucia! She got shot! I hope she's dead because I just don't like her character, or maybe its Michelle Rodriguez, blah. Anyway, then he shot Libby, poor Hurly, and then himself and now Henry is going to get loose and I think Micheal is working with the others (obviously) and is trying to lour everyone into fighting them and it's all a trap so he can get Walt back. Fuck I love this show.

Anyway, nothing is new. All I do is work and it's long and boring and overly dramatic with office politics that are beyond retarded.

Only tonight and the finale left of Survivor. Oh Survivor, how I love thee. What I hate about tv is that during school it's all new shows and I don't have time to watch anything, but when it's summer it's all reruns of crap and then there's nothing to watch when I have the time.

Song - Solsbury Hill - Peter Gabriel


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