May 26, 2006

This is a story of remaining professional under extreme pressure:

Customer - Can I take highway 16 to the Yellowhead?

Me - I'm not familiar with the North side of Edmonton, and actually I have no idea how to get to the Yellowhead from any starting point, sorry

Customer - Can I take highway 16 to the Yellowhead?

Me - Ummm, sir, I don't know.

Customer - You don't know nothing you stupid bitch

Me - Sir, I know two things for certain. #1 - this is not an information kiosk and #2 - you are a complete asshole. (close window and turn away)

There is a lesson about professionalism here, it is that I am not professional. Sorry, reached my boiling point today. I told my boss about it and he laughed.

Oh yeah, I didn't quit my job. I'm holding out until June 15, there's a promise of a $2.50 raise, and I told my boss that if it's not here by the 15th - I'm gone.

In anycase, today at work I made this:
It has been framed and is hanging on the wall of the office because everyone loved it so much. According to L, the maintenence guy (the guy in blue in the pic) - I am a genius. Hehe, I love that guy.

And incase you are wondering why the guy in the santa hat only has half a leg and is holding a leg in his hand, it's to showcase his titanium leg, and he wanted to be holding it in the pic. The guy with the brown cowboy hat & cellphone is my boss.

Any guesses on which one I am?

PS - yes I know I am an excellent employee, and yes, they do pay me to do shit like this

Also, I couldn't go to the bathroom all fucking day because there was a mouse in the bathroom and seriously people, I am not peeing with a mouse running around my feet.

How about no!

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