May 8, 2006

I'm going shopping tomorrow/today because I guess it's technically Monday right now. Although last time it was supposed to be payday it really wasn't because the company wasn't in full gear yet and now our computer system is out so who knows whats going to happen, but i want a new bag so it better be payday or i'm going to freak out.

I worked 36 hours this weekend. And it fucking sucked beyond belief. Terrible. I yelled at customers, it's not my fault they won't turn off their diesel vehicles. Try having a conversation over their engine. Yeah right. Goodluck.

I made $2 in tips today. This is the most pathetic job ever. I'm waiting until the end of May - if there's no raise, I'm gone. Done and done. That's it. I can't take it. They promised a raise.

Holy fuck. This lady with 8 bags parked her car in valet today. Then she went to the taxi que to pick up a driver, because she was a prostitute. Someone called the RCMP. I'm serious, she was a real prostitute, who missed her flight, trying to make cash on the layover. Fuck, she probably made way more than I did and she got arrested.

I thought picture of fish would be fitting because this post has nothing to do with fish

I start EDIT 435 tomorrow. I think I'll try to do the whole course tomorrow and also clean my room but top priority is getting a new bag. so we'll see.

EDIT should be fun.. Distance ED, through the comp.. one of the assignments is create a blog. Yeah. ummm A+ please

So because I was at work. I called in to the Bear to win Stadium Arcadium and I got through twice Friday, twice Saturday, and once Sunday but didn't fucking win so Tomorrow/Today I'm going to win Tickets to the concert on Sonic. Fucking BEAR> arg.

Song - Rebellion(Lies) - Arcade Fire
AND Precious - Depeche Mode


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