May 8, 2006

Sit Down.

Sit Down before you read this post.

It is that shocking.

Friends, I have been the victim of identity theft.

This is not a joke.

Someone in Ontario is running around buying sheet music from some music store and they are using my credit card.

Back in November a charge on my statement came that I didn't recognize, I figured I forgot I bought something or some such thing and paid it. But today I got my statement and I recognized the store name, and I thought, what is that store? So I called the credit card company for some information and they told me that the store sells pianos, guitars and sheet music. Did that sound familiar?

Uhhh I probably would have remembered buying a piano or sheet music or a guitar thanks, I'm not an idiot.

The got a fraud expert on the line and he told me to fax a dispute to the company and we'll see what happens. He needs to check that I didn't sign the receipts to buy the music and all that.

Guy -thank you for your continued service

Me -yeah uhh cancel the card please before this gets out of hand.

Guy - Oh are you sure you want to cancel the card?

Me - Yes, I'd prefer to cancel with $100 worth of fraud before this guy goes and buys a piano thanks.

Guy - Well...

Me - Cancel the damn card

Guy - Well OK


And then something awesome happened, I pretended i was Dwight Schrute and shredded my credit card in the paper shredder just like he does in the opening of The Office.

It was awesome

Song - Invasion 1 - Matthew Good Band


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