The Chili Peppers are coming, the chili peppers are coming...

May 14, 2006

and I have a row 21 floor seat. Which I think is amazing, since I didn't do presale and just bought my ticket this morning at 10am. Woke up at 9:50am to prepare. Good times.

Tomorrow/today is mother's day and we have to go to the graveyard to honor my dido's (grandpa's) life or something or other. And then we are going to have Chinese food from my favorite Chinese place and man are they ever yummy. Beyond yummy really.

I got a sunburn today and now my arms are itchy, and also the area above cleavage is itchy/ that may be too much information right there, but I don't care.

I'm car shopping. On Tuesday I'm going to red deer to check out a Honda civic. It's awesome. So fucking cute I can't even believe it

I watched "The Family Stone" tonight. I have something to tell you about this movie: The Family Stone = BORING. It looked OK, but it was just mediocre, the only really good part is how amazingly cute luke wilson is;


anyway, it was an OK movie, I would not recommend it. Not in the way that I recommend Lost anyway, and holy fuck what an episode we got last week. A new hatch, holy crap. I cannot wait for this week. I'm dying to own the DVD of season 2, it's time to rewatch everything.

Song - Tell Me Baby - Red Hot Chili Peppers


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