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April 1, 2006

It's really late
I am sleepy
The drive home was crazy with all the fog and I could only see 2 feet in front of my car and I got a little concerned when someone was driving in my lane towards me but it all worked out alright as you can tell because you are reading this.
I trained someone today.
She goes to a Bible college type thing, I can't remember what it's called so when I say Bible College it's not meant to be derogatory if someone is offended by me saying bible college.
She gave me a kind of evil look once she found out about my BSc.
We didn't discuss it after that.
She's nice though.
Boss is all "i'm dying for you to come back, I can't wait"
And I said "nothing says 'come back' like money, give me a raise"
Boss said "oh you're so funny"
I said "I'm not joking"

The End because I am sleepy and my mascara is leaking into my eyes and making them all stingy but they still look cute which is what is important. MM hmm.

Ps - I finished the most kickass book at work tonight while i was training. ahahaha i'm so good at training that i read books. ok i'll write about it tomorrow.

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