If I had a dollar for every time I dyed my hair purple, I'd have one dollar

March 22, 2005

OK, so I did something stupid. I streaked my hair purple, I liked it yesterday.

Today is a completely different story. I woke up, and it had changed from the purple it was to some kind of insane purple-pink-red mixture of a color and I am now on a crazy rampage against anyone who had anything to do with this.

That means you GINA, LYNDSEY & KATIE

Soooo much trouble you are in. I went to the salon to see if they could get rid of it, they said I would have to wait until it fades a bit more because currently my head it the hardest color to cover.

My EDPY 200 midterm just finished, and now I'm drinking White Hot Cholocate from Second Cup, and I'm sitting in Knowledge Common and Angela just reminded me that we need to vent some serious rage on the Faculty of Science for having no apparent idea of what is happening with graduation.

I am going to burst with rage.


Gina said...

Im totally going to have to go and check out your hair now. Is your mom totally freaking out? OH well it was cool for a day. hehehehe, not like mine is much better. Guess no more hair dyeing partys. *LOL*

Stephanie said...

Mom's not freaking cause I haven't been home in a few days. But she hates it, she told me. And I hate it, and yours is totally better, and also, it wasn't even cool for a whole day, only like 3 hours.

Whoamelly said...

I decided to go Platinum blonde in January. . .it seemed like a good idea. I did it when i was 16 so why not now when Im 21? Well. . .it was so fried it would be nice when i went to bed, and matted when i woke up. It started breaking off. . .and now, Im a miserable Brunette. Dying your hair is so fun, but never a good idea.

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