Stephanie and Mr. Happy-Rash go to Vegas

March 11, 2005

OK, so you're like, the fucking what rash? Dude, its not gross. its this crazy rash that I get in my elbow pit, you know, the spot where your elbow is all bendy, thats the elbow pit.

So anyway, I'm all happy and watching Survivor, and then mom starts yelling "what's on your arm!!!"
and i'm like, chill mom, its just Mr. Happy-Rash, this crazy emphysema that keeps comming back.
and she's like, "emphysema is when you can't breathe, its a lung problem!"
so i'm like: "Yeah, i meant exzema, duh" cause obviously mixing those two up in my house is a mistake punishable by death.

So then she's like... why do you call it happy rash?
And I'm like, the answer is sooo obvious, cause in high school we used to draw a happy face on it and then it became Mr. Happy-Rash.

Seriously. How hard is that to conclude?

So now its late, and I'm so bored I can't sleep. Mainly cause when I put my head down my nose pluggs up, and then there's no breathing, cause I just don't like breathing out of my mouth. I'm scared of snoring. So then I just stay up all night long, and I thought, hmm might as well blog.


Angela said...

I get eczema. It's not happy. But occasionally it will get angry and red.

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