Shame on on You!

March 18, 2005

I just woke up with racoon mascara eyes and I'm feeling sleepy. And I have to study for EDPY 200, stupid educational psychology class. It's not fun.

But the midterm is on Tuesday, and as a friend recently pointed out, just wishing the exam will go away doesn't actually mean that it will.

So now I have a zillion chapters to read and I have to work on Sunday and tonight is crazy hang out with friends night (not that I'm complaining about that cause I look forward to it all week).

But I am quite whiny about having to work on Sunday. I have to get up at 5am! That shouldn't even be an hour in the morning. And then I'll drink 8 cups of coffee just so I can see straight, and hopefully everything will go OK.

I wish the mail would get here already. I really enjoy getting the mail. One of life's stupid pleasures.

But I don't really like our mail system. Why doesn't is come to our house? Why just a box for everyone within a 4 block radius. One crazy box at the end of the street, divided into a number of boxes. A box for everyone! I miss the good old days where post-people had to go to your house and put it in your little mailbox, these days those are only used for fliers.

You'd think that the post-person would want to get their mail done early, as today is Friday. Then all the post-peoople could go back to the post office and do tequila shots and have a party and read "return to sender" mail.


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