Work + School = Grumpiness

March 31, 2005

I should never have agreed to work a half shift before school. The other girl really needed me to, she had a doctor's appointment, and I'm the only other person trained at the position. So the 6am-11am shift was born. Hurrah!

She didn't show up at 11, I left anyway. I put one of the other girls in my booth and gave her a bunch of change and got in my car and drove away, completely ignoring the screams of protest. 11am I said, goodbye!

What's worse is that I have to go back tomorrow. Ugh. How am I going to do 4 months of this? I don't know. I need a new job. Now I'm exhausted and will most likely fall asleep in class. Although, that happens in every class, so I guess it doesn't really make that much of a difference.

Coco and I had a long talk yesterday, about why it's not cool to sit on the lawn and bark at nothing. I swear, she just likes to hear her own voice. She's the cutest little thing, but she drives me nuts.

I'm at school early, my mom gave me a ride. Saved $2 on bus fair! Wooooo!!
I'm excited about next week's Stompy & Nerd, I think I have a classic in the making. So it'll for sure be good.

I'm proud of myself, I only had 2 cups of coffee this morning. That's way down from my usual 4, when I'm at work that is. It's not my fault though! It's unnatural to get up at 4:45am. The only way that works is if there are large amounts of caffiene involved.

We ran out of water at work. The tap water is unfit for human consumption, we had it tested. We had to get water from Tim Horton's. I don't think they charged us. I don't care if they did, I needed coffee.


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