Standing in the Shadows of Love, Get Ready for the Heartache's to Come

April 28, 2005

OK, so it's official. Pop Eye's eye has literally popped. It's gone. There's a hole in his head. And now he spends his days swimming around in a circle because he thinks he's going somewhere, but he isn't. Although, I guess they're never really going anywhere to begin with, so having only one eye doesn't really make a difference.

I am now ready to get in a super bitch fight with my "team leader". She's been taking credit for all the work I've been doing. And I'm now seriously pissed off. She was talking to another employee about "her" color scheme for the schedule board. Ummm excuse me, I totally came up with it. I did it before she even came back to work. I've been nominated for employee of the month because of it's amazing awesomeness. So when did it become her color scheme exactly? And I told her as much. So now I think work will be filled with tension and craziness and yelling and me laughing at her because she doesn't know how to print the sheets off of Microsoft Word and I'm not helping her anymore. So now she's going to look as incompetent as she really is, and is going to get fired. Haha.

In fact, she had originally done the board in a very offensive red and green scheme, with no way of distinguishing shifts that needed to be filled, or a color to show other people filling in shifts off of their rotation. Hello? That's not a scheme, that's stupidity. Ugh. I'm so mad I could burst like Pop Eye.


Gina said...

Work pisses me off. I never understand why some people find it so difficult to get along or why they have to take credit for other peoples work to look better. WHY CANT WORK JUST BE NORMAL. Everyone should get along to make work at least some what bareable. WOrk= no fun. So Color it up girl.

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